This volume explores the forms, nature, and function of popular protests and political participation in the Ottoman Empire. Taking as a starting point the seminal work of the leading historian Suraiya Faroqhi, the contributions investigate major aspects of popular and elite involvement in Ottoman political life from the early seventeenth century to World War I.


INTRODUCTION Ottoman Subjects as Polıtıcal Actors: Hıstorıographıcal Representatıons
Eleni Gara - Christoph K. Neumann - M. Erdem Kabadayı

PART ONE Petıtıonıng Practıces
1 Coping with the State’s Agents “from below”: Petitions, Legal Appeal, and the Sultan’s Justice in Ottoman Legal Practice
Eyal Ginio

2 Petitioning as Political Action: Petitioning Practices of Workers in Ottoman Factories
M. Erdem Kabadayı

3 Modes of Popular Intervention in the Ottoman Millet System: The Greeks of Istanbul in the Beginning of the
Twentieth Century
Méropi Anastassiadou-Dumont

PART TWO Contentıous Protest and Revolt
4 Popular Protest and the Limitations of Sultanic Justice
Eleni Gara

5 Artisans´ Networks and Revolt in Late Seventeenth-Century Istanbul: An Examination of the Istanbul Artisans’
Rebellion of 1688
Eunjeong Yi

6 Political Participation, Public Order, and Monetary Pledges (Nezir) in Ottoman Crete
Antonis Anastasopoulos

PART THREE Factıonalısm and Vıolence
7 Bilateral Factionalism and Violence in Ottoman Egypt
Jane Hathaway

8 Aleppo’s Janissaries: Crime Syndicate or Vox Populi?
Bruce Masters

9 Murder and Mayhem in Ottoman Rumeli: Local Political Relations in Eighteenth-Century Macedonia
Linda T. Darling

10 Local Factionalism and Political Mobilization in theAlbanian Province in the Late Ottoman Empire: A Consul Caught up in a Conflict between Villagers and the Ottoman Authorities
Nathalie Clayer

PART FOUR Polıtıcal Partıcıpatıon of the Elıtes
11 Canikli Ali Paşa (d. 1785): A Provincial Portrait in Loyalty and Disloyalty
Virginia H. Aksan

12 Elected, but never in Office: City Councils in Late Ottoman Istanbul and the Election of 1878
Christoph K. Neumann

PART FIVE Resıstıng the State, Defendıng the Empıre
13 Between Protest and Envy: Foreign Companies and Ottoman Muslim Society
Yavuz Köse

14 State Discipline and Villagers’ Resistance to Mine Work in the Zonguldak Coalfield, 1820-1920
Donald Quataert

15 The Ottoman Politics of War in Mesopotamia, 1914-1918, and Popular Reactions: The Example of Hilla
Christoph Herzog