Sustainability embraces many concepts. It requires in-depth cross-disciplinary knowledge and the ability to think differently and creatively about current and future development challenges. A wide range of geographical and cultural perspectives inform the research papers presented in this text. From games to governance, technology to teaching, design to decisions the dimensions of sustainability are explored. This publication showcases emerging research being conducted across the Dorich House Group of European member Universities and some of their partner institutions.

CHAPTER 1 Economic Behaviour and Sustainability Edited by Associate Ayşe Uyduranoğlu Öktem
Chapter Introduction
Ayşe Uyduranoğlu Öktem

1 Economic Blueprints for Sustainability - A Critique
John Corkindale

2 Sustainable Consumption and Subjective Well-Being: Is Pro-Environmental Behaviour Utility-Maximising?
Heinz Welsch - Jan Kühling

3 Sustainable Development of Gender in the Labour Market in Lithuania
Aiste Dromantaite

CHAPTER 2 Knowledge to Action
Edited by Katherine A.T. Eames

Chapter Introduction
Katherine A.T. Eames
1 Assessment and Recognition of Non-Formal and Informal Learning at University in Lithuania
Nijole Burks˘aitiene - Jolita S˘liogeriene

2 At the Crossroads: Teaching Sustainability at University. A Comparison of Experiences from Kingston and Oldenburg Universities
Katherine A.T. Eames - Ingo Mose - Rosalind Taylor

3 Building Professionals for Sustainable Communities: A Need to Engage
Sarah L. Sayce - Judith V. Farren-Bradley

4 Field-based Learning for Social Sustainability: Fear of Crime in an Urban Context
Robert Gant - Bridget Towers

5 Comparing the Communication of Sustainable Business Practices - An Empirical Approach to Develop Cultural Competences in the Meat Economy of North-west Germany Towards Sustainable Concepts
Irene Antoni-Komar - Reinhard Pfriem - Hedda Schattke

CHAPTER 3 Material Manufacturing and Design
Edited by Jorge Marx Gómez

Chapter Introduction
Jorge Marx Gómez

1 Creating a Green IT Cockpit
Jürgen Sauer - Philipp Gringel

2 Ecological Intelligence through Life Cycle Assessment
Pere Fullana I Palmer - Marco Raugei

3 The Methodology and Practice of Sustainable Development Indicator System Construction for an Eco-City
Juan Wen - Wentao Chang - Zhenzhen Feng - Xueqiang Lu - Tao Sun - Xuefeng Lin - Meizhu Jin

4 Secondary Resources: Former Waste now Valuable Resource
Alexandra Pehlken - Jorge Marx Gómez

5 Sustainability Reporting out of a Prisoner’s Dilemma
Thomas Kaspereit

6 The Development of a Game-Based Teaching and Learning Tool to Aid the Selection of Sustainable Building Materials
John L. Clarke

7 Problems of Practical CEMIS (Corporate Environment Management Information Systems) Usage
Horst Junker - Corinna V. Lang

8 Lean Production and Agile Organisation: The Link Between Supply Chain and Sustainable Development
Denise Ravet

CHAPTER 4 Mobility and Energy
Edited by Laurent Guihéry

Chapter Introduction
Laurent Guihéry

1 Sustainable Development and Information System: Which Approaches for Which Contributions?
Amélie Bohas - Laïd Bouzidi

2 Sustainable Mobility Accelerated by a Sustainability CRM
Benjamin Wagner vom Berg

3 Traffic Planning and Administration Modelling Using the Computer
Stasys Pus˘korius
Chapter Conclusion

CHAPTER 5 Spatial Governance
Edited by Jacques Comby - Valentina Tirloni

Chapter Introduction
Jacques Comby - Valentina Tirloni

1 From the Government of Space to the Governance of Territory: Sustainable Development’s Contribution
Berenice Dreux-Gerphagnon - Jean-Philippe Pierron

2 A New Governance of Natural Hazards Areas
Philippe Billet

3 Water Management Catalysing the Participative Definition of Climate Adaptation Strategies on the Level of Coastal Communities
Thomas Klenke - Frank Ahlhorn - Helge Bormann

4 Are Protected Areas Really Sustainable? How to Develop Sustainability within Nature Conservation
Samule Depraz

5 Relocation and Ethics
Catherine Mercier-Suissa

6 Sustainable Management of Historic Urban Centres
James Ritson

7 Participatory Environmental Sensing for Better Environmental Decision Making and Spatial Governance
Kostas D. Karatzas